4.0 x 218mm Germicidal Lamp with Inverter

4.0 x 218mm Germicidal Lamp with Inverter
Item# UV40218N
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Quantity1 - 910 - 4950 - 99100+
Price$24.95 ea.$19.96 ea.$17.47 ea.$14.97 ea.

Product Description

UV germicidal lamps. The short-wave ultraviolet light of these lamps has disinfecting and purifying qualities, helping to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and odors. Used to sanitize home and industrial areas and equipment.

4.0 x 218mm Specifications:
Running Voltage 310 Vrms
Starting Voltage 465 Vrms
Current 5 MArms
Surface UV Intensity 1850 μW/cm2
Peak Spectrum 253.7 UV

Safety Warning: Unlike most of our products the purpose of these UV lights is not lighting but germ elimination. Ultraviolet rays can cause burns to skin and eyes, and kill organic cells. Avoid direct exposure to humans and animals. Do not look at the working UV lamp.

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